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My son and I had a lot of recruiting services contact us, wanting us to sign up with them, and also hand over a lot of
money.  Several phone calls later, we were encouraged to take a look at RecruitMe2Play.com.  I am so thankful we
did.  What we have learned is that the recruitment process is really the responsibility of the Student Athlete and his/her
parents.  In the end, you either pay thousands of dollars and do the work yourself or pay a fair and reasonable amount
of money and do the work yourself with the assistance of a personal recruitment coach.  That is exactly what
RecruitME2Play.com has done for us.  They provide personal attention, helpful tutorials, numerous templates and an
unlimited amount of useful information.  They cover everything from start to finish.  Whenever we have a question, our
recruitment coach answers immediately and is always willing to help.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who
is seriously considering playing collegiate sports."

-  Michelle K.  -  Illinois
RecruitME2Play.com...do-it yourself college scholarship Solution!
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RecruitME2Play.com acts generally as a "Recruiting Consultant"
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RecruitME2Play.com...founded and run by a parent who's a former college athlete and
a Youth
/ High School Football Coach.  It was his real world experience with those other
recruiting services that did NOT cover everything required to have a successful
recruiting experience and simply cost way to much!  Coach created RM2P as a entirely
web based program that is interactive and allows parents to work with their student
athletes throughout the entire
Recruiting Program.  RM2P is modeled by using real
success stories with Coach's own kids that are current and former NCAA Student

RM2P is the "best" because we cover EVERYTHING you will encounter on your
recruiting campaign and most importantly, DON'T COST "an arm and a leg"...
Many more student athletes that are good students and solid athletes could get some form of college
scholarship (full ride, tuition and books, etc.).  BUT they don't because of  Recruiting "myths and
Myths mislead parents and student athletes.  Realities, can make it impossible to get
recruited if you are NOT aware of them.  However, if you dispel the myths, and know the realities you
can get a athletic scholarship!    

    -  "My student athlete's high school coach will get my child a scholarship"
    -  "My student athlete is so good that colleges will "discover" him/her and offer a scholarship".  

    -  Your high school coach cannot get you a scholarship no matter what they believe or may tell you
    simply because they don't have networks, time or skill to properly market a good student athlete
    through a successful recruiting campaign.  
    -  Colleges DO NOT have the resources (time, money, manpower. etc.) to search the entire country
    for good recruits.  They basically get the standout athletes (5% ers)  and others that are properly
    marketed. If you are NOT either of those, you will NOT be noticed and you will NOT be recruited.     

    -  You must Get Noticed before you will Be Recruited!  
    -  You should start the process early in high school.  
    -  You MUST have a plan
    -  You must know the rules and requirements and the process.  
    -  You have to "market" yourself just as you would when you are applying for a job...because that's
    exactly what you are doing.   
    -  You must be a "realistic recruit"...for example, if you're "realistically" a NCAA D-III student athlete
    don't only go after NCAA D-I scholarships...colleges will NOT consider you for scholarship and
    there's a good chance you will GO UN-RECRUITED!
    -  You need help that won't cost you "an arm and a leg"