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Many more student athletes that are good students (2.30 GPA) and solid athletes (varsity) could get some form of college
scholarship (full ride, tuition and books, etc.) if they ONLY marketed themselves properly!  College isn't for everyone.  But, if
you're committed to attend college and earn your degree as a scholarship student athlete, you must check out RM2P!

                 GET NOTICED and GET RECRUITED...RM2P will get you NOTICED!  and run by a Parent that is also a Youth /
High School Football Coach.  It was his real world experience with those other
recruiting services that drove him to create  The other
recruiting services are all "hype" created only to take advantage of parents
and student athletes great desire to go to college on scholarship and
willingness to pay a lot of money.  Sadly, so many are deceived by the "hype"
and end up not receiving a  scholarship and some not going to college at all.  

Coach Darryl Johnson "DJ" created RM2P as a entirely web based program
(accessible anywhere there is Internet) that is interactive and allows parents to
work with their student athletes throughout the entire Recruiting Program.  
RM2P is modeled by using real success stories with Coach's own kids that are
current and former NCAA Student Athletes!

RM2P is the "best" for 2 simple reasons that matter most to parents and
student athletes...we call this C²  (C squared):  
(1) Content we cover
everything you will encounter in recruiting and
(2) Cost we don't cost
thousands of dollars!

So, you can sign up with the assurance and confidence that you will receive
the BEST recruiting help available and knowing that it won't cost you a "2nd
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